A stalker from Potlatch: April 9, 1918

I almost didn’t post this letter because 1) it’s not from a serviceman, 2) it’s kind of creepy, and 3) I’m pretty sure there’s a racial slur in there. But I thought it was interesting, the idea of having a stalker by Return Mail.

Potlatch, Ida.
Apr. 9, 1918

Dear Maude,

I will write you a few lines and see if I can get an answer.

I wrote you a big fat letter over a week ago and haven’t heard from you yet. I addressed it to Mrs. — — you know who you said so you would be sure and get it and I guess I got stung worse than if I had addressed it to you.

Say if you are joking me you will hear from yours truly when I see you got the card O.K. But too late to come to the dance or I sure would have fun there wouldn’t have missed it for anything but I never got the card till Monday after 5 o’clock.

Would like to see you and tell you a few things. I will too one of these days.

Come down and stay a day or two with Miss Anderson and I’ll see you as first a home string. [?]

John said he saw you and Ruby in Bovill to the coon show you hardly spoke to him.

Am still working in the mill. I am getting to I hate to, tho.

Now if you don’t answer thisyou and I are going to mix when I see you again if I ever do and I think I will. Don’t you? Here’s hoping so anyway.

There is some great picture shows in Potlatch. Better come down and go Thursday night.

Well there is nonews and it is getting late so I’ll close hoping to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Art H.

XX Answer soon or sooner by Return Mail. Bye Bye here goes [illegible.]

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