US Naval Training Station Great Lakes Armed Guard School, May 3, 1918

US Naval Training Station
Great Lakes, Illinois
Armed Guard School
May 3, 1918

My Dear Maude,
Just a few lines this morning to let you know of my change of address. I was transferred to the Armed Guard School yesterday afternoon. The first thing we were told to do was scrub our seabags, hammocks, ropes, and clews. He didn’t even look to see if they were dirty. But we have a fine place to scrub here and stem dryers. Anything will dry in an hour.

We are in a big brick barracks. You probably have a picture of the barracks in that Recruit I sent you. Our hammocks are 8 feet from the floor here. I have to stand on tiptoe to even touch it. I sure do hope that I don’t fall some nite. Well it just struck 5 bells, six thirty, so will have to hurry up as we have chow at 7. My address is:

Armed Guard School Barr. C. Main Station, Great Lakes, Ill.

I sure think I will like this branch and the best thing about it is that I will get to sea in a month. So about June 1 you can expect a letter saying I am leaving.

Say, I did go to Church Sun. Nite. And got out in time to take in a vaudeville afterwards.

I expect I have a letter from you over at the range. Here’s hoping so anyway. If I don’t get a letter from you every there or four days I feel like something is missing. I don’t know how I will manage when I get to sea when I can’t get mail regular. But I can write just as regular tho.

You’ll have to excuse this writing because I am in a hurry and have just scratched any old way to finish. The commissary steward comes over every day and he is going to bring my mail over.

We are having nice weather again here for which the Lord be praised. Anyway we don’t have to be out much here. I do our gun drill in the drill hall. You know, the A.G.s have charge of a gun onboard ship. We have to know hot to handle it perfectly so when a sub. Pokes its nose up we can drill it.

Gee it seemed like I had just got to sleep this morning when reveille blew. We didn’t have to get up till six at the Rifle Range but it’s five again over here. But this barracks sure is swell. Lots of room and clean.

Well, I must close for this time, will write a long letter soon, ans. soon and often,
Yours as ever

I love the indignation here: “He didn’t even look to see if they were dirty”! Ah, youth.

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