Brooklyn, May 20, 1918

Brooklyn, NY
May 20, 1918

My Dearest Maudy —

Your [letter] received today and I am leaving for somewhere tomorrow. I cannot tell you where. I am in the Armed Guard and am [a] gun pointer. I’m doing well in my dreams. I have not seen Dick since I left but am going over tonight.

New York is all right but Seattle is a better place for a Sailor. Say, Maude, you write twice a month for I cannot write very often now. I want to hear from you.

We sure had some trip but there was too much booze.

It is hotter than the dickens here. Say I must quit for the time and get ready to move, for the PO is swearing now.

So bye-bye
From your Sailor,

A later letter reveals that Clark is on his way to France and back. The role of the Armed Guard (they’re Navy) in World War I was to keep the shipping lanes open, either by escort or by manning anti-submarine guns on cargo or tanker ships.

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