US Naval Training Station Great Lakes Armed Guard School, May 22, 1918

Armed Guard School
May 22, 1918

My dear Maude,

Well, I rec’d your ever welcome letter yesterday but was unable to answer because nobody had any stamps. But my aunt and uncle came up to visit me today and I got enuf to buy a three cent stamp so I can write once more.

Tomorrow is payday and I pull down 20 bucks so I can write a lot of letters then.

I should think you would be tired of nursing. Were I you I would quit the job. But I never saw a little baby yet that I thought was cute. They are all homely when they are very young I think.

I bet a dollar and six bits I could make you scream if I took you car riding. Believe me I’m some nut when I get hold of a wheel. Anyway that’s what they always tell me.

Yes, I’ll hand it to you there you are mighty good in writing. I really write as often as I can tho. But will try to write more often if you think that I don’t write as often as you do.

I am sitting up late tonite to write. I had a pretty big washing tonight. I washed my blankets and have to wait until they are dry before I can go to bed.

Of course you couldn’t keep from dancing and playing cards. Neither can I nor do I wish to be able to help it. That is why we agree so well. I don’t know whether I would rather play cards than go to prayer meeting, because I never went to prayer meeting. But I am sure I would because I like to play cards and I was always afraid if I went to prayer meeting they would ask me to pray.

We’ll sure have a one step when I get back to Harvard again, eh? I’ll be like “The Dark Town Strutters Ball” you have heard it, haven’t you? If you haven’t you must hear it because it is good.

I hope the kid don’t enlist either. It seems to me that he can do more good at home. Sometimes it takes a braver man to stay than to go.

Say I know how those girls are that will go with anybody and everybody. Pretty quick nobody will go with them. For me, I pretty much prefer a girl that knows how to pick out her acquaintances. Don’t you agree with me? Also some guys will go with any girl too. I’m really not that kind. Oh, of course I don’t mean that I won’t look at any girls, but I always believe in having only one girl for a real special friend and that’s the way I am now. If any other girl would get a letter a week from me they would think I had gone batty but I write 3 or 4 a week to you. Maybe you think so, but I hope not.

I reckon that Ellen had her eye more on the Indian’s Ford than on him. But just because a fellow drives a Ford is no sign he amounts to much. Some of the most “onery” fellows I ever knew drove Fords, also some of the best.

That will sure be swell for you to stay in Spokane and take music lessons. I know you will have a good time too. Maybe when the war is over I will be able to stop in Spokane and visit you, eh? I say we would step around some, wouldn’t we? We’d paint the town red from stem to stern, ha ha.  Your singing sure suits me now but probably it will be good for you to take lessons.

When I got your letter I thought, “Who in the dickens wrote this?” Then when I saw your name on the back I thought you must have been writing with your left hand.

My uncle thought that if he ever climbed up in a hammock he would get so dizzy that he would “hit the deck” right. I had to go on guard the other nite and when I rolled out I tipped the next guy’s hammock so much that he came out, too. But he grabbed my hammock and didn’t fall. He cussed for about an hour.

Well, it is two minutes till taps so will close for tonite and finish in the morning. Goodnite.

Well here it is a quarter till 6 so will finish my letter. The darned Yeoman tried to make me go on mess again but I got out of it. I would hate to go over to the mess hall for another three days.

I don’t know whether we will practice with the three inch gun today or not. We may wait till next Mon. Tomorrow we clean the barracks and Sat we have an inspection. My cousin may meet me in Chi Sun. If he does we ought to have quite a time.

Well, really I can’t think of anything else to write. Things go on just about the same old thing here. When I leave I will have more to write about I hope.

Well will close for this time and write again soon.

Only one of my blankets got dry last nite and I nearly froze. It turned cold and I thought I would freeze stiff before morning. I could have got my other blanket in the middle of the nite, but I was too lazy to go after it.

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