US Naval Training Station Great Lakes Armed Guard School, May 28, 1918

Armed Guard School
May 28, 1918

My dear Maude,

Well how goes everything? I rec’d your most welcome letter last nite but was too sleepy to answer till this morning. I went to Chi. Sunday and didn’t come back till about 2:30. You can imagine how sleepy I was at five. Last nite I turned in at 6:30 and believe me I got some sleep. Feel more like myself today.

Well we have had practice with the three inch yesterday morning. And my head rang so I couldn’t hear much at all day yesterday. We fired 64 shots. Each shell costs $20 to shoot so you can see what our practice costs the government. My gun crew made four direct hits. I say we would sink a sub, eh?

When you are rite by the gun, sighting it nearly deafens you. A three inch has more than a crack than a larger gun.

Yesterday afternoon we had boat drill and will have boats today too. We may get 36 hours leave before we go to N.Y. We expect to leave either Thurs. or Fri.

We had a cool spell last nite and it is still chilly today. I would rather have it cold than so blooming hot as it was.

Yes you are awful fat. Your just kidding yourself. You say you weigh 144. I weigh 162 lbs now without my shoes or coat on and that is nearly 20 lbs more than you. You lack a long ways of being fat.

Tell Ruby that I won’t promise any such a thing. Of course the best man kisses the bride. I will beat Emil to it if I get a chance.

Those pictures are swell of you. They are both fine. In one of them, both I guess, but it doesn’t show, you have a rating on your arm. I couldn’t make out what it is. What is it any way? It looks to me like only one chevron. You should wear three if you wear any. One is third class and you should wear first class.

I don’t see how come my letters come in bunches that way. I sure don’t mail them all at once. I guess we have a pretty punk mail service.

I bet you were glad to get your car out of cold storage again. A person sure hates to have a car and not be able to use it. You ought to have a Ford. Why don’t you make your father buy you a Ford? Then you could chase around whenever you wanted to. No danger of stripping the gears either. Wait till the war is over. I will have enuf money saved up by then to buy a Ford (!) and we will ride to our hearts content.

Of course at the rapid rate I am saving money now I will be rich in another year or so. (I only owe $65 now.)

Say I sure would like to see you in your overalls. Why don’t you have your picture taken in them. I bet you look fine in them all rite.

I bet you will sure have some hiking club all rite. Will you make me an honorary member? Where would you hike to? I guess I am in a hiking club all rite the way I hiked around in Chi last night.

My two cousins and a couple of old pals of mine were in Chi to meet me Sun. I came nearly having to work tho. Ensign Kennedy said we would have to work on the new athletic field till 4:30 but at 1:30 he said all the ones in the parade at Chi could go ashore. He made the rest work in their liberty blues. This is their best suit. I sure had some time tho. Went to Lincoln Park in the afternoon. When we ate supper they said they were going to see how much sweet stuff I could eat. So after I ate supper, for dessert I ate a dish of tapioca pudding, a big piece of strawberry shortcake, a piece of blackberry pie, a large dish of ice cream and two pieces of cake.

But I will admit I was in misery for an hour or so. We went to the Star and Garter Theatre at night. Saw a good burlesque.

I am enclosing a clipping from a Chi paper. It shoes a pretty good picture of about 98% of the Jacks when the train for the station pulls out of the North Western depot. With the exception of course of yours truly.

I will write you a letter from Camp Ross just before I leave so you will know just when I am going.

Say, if you get a chance take a look at Tuesday’s Bulletin. The folks get it. It tells about what good shooting the Armed Guards did yesterday. They made 32 direct hits out of 64 shots.

Pretty good eh?

Well we will soon go out on the lake for boat drill so much close for this time.

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