US Naval Training Station Great Lakes Armed Guard School, May 29, 1918

Armed Guard School
May 19, 1918

My dear Maude,

Yours recd this morning and was very glad to hear from you too, believe me, as I am sure getting tired of doing nothing. It has rained for two days steady and is raining hard today. We have been staying in the barracks and you know how tiresome it gets to stick around in the building all the time. We would be having boat drill if the weather was decent.

Tomorrow being a holiday we get 12 hours liberty. But I am going to stay aboard and let a fellow go that can see his folks. Thirty men have to stay and one fellow picked on has folks in Chi so I told him he could go see them and I would stay in his place. I can get plenty of liberty in N.Y. But he may never see his folks again. We go to Ross either Fri or Sat and I think it will be Fri.

I am anxiously awaiting the picture of the farmerette. I am strong for them I tell you. I think that all girls ought to be farmerettes. I never saw a picture of one yet that wasn’t pretty.

Why is it that a girl looks good in boys clothes but a boy looks like the dickens in girls clothes? I never could figure it out.

The French Blue Devils were here yesterday. They sure are a brave bunch. They all have from 1 to 10 gold vars, for each wound received. There were two of them in the barracks last nite and we were singing songs. We sang Joan of Arc and they sang it in French. One of the yeoman masks like a girl, that is he wears a dress and wig and looks just like one. He dressed up and the Devils thot he was sure enuf a girl. Then we all shook hands with them and they said “good bye” and “au revoir.” They each had received five wounds. THey told us thru an interpreter that there were lots of American soldiers in France.

Well I will be looking for you before I leave. I think you ought to be able to walk here in about three or four months all rite. Say that is sure good about the slacker and the lemon pie.

Jake is like a guy I heard in the play the other nite. He said he belonged to the army and was in B company. He said he would be here when they left and would be here when they came back.

Well here its Thu evening. I didn’t get a chance to finish yesterday and have been busy today. We are getting ready to go to Ross tomorrow. I don’t know how long we will stay there but not very long. There are only 20 of us here as the rest all got liberty. I think I will jump ship tonite and take in a show or something. I have been getting my bag packed ready to leave. Also washed everything that I thot needed it.

There were a lot of visitors in today and at noon the national salute of 21 guns was fired.

I will write to you just before I leave Ross and as soon as I know my new address in N.Y. I expect I will see Clark in Broklyn if he is in Armed Guard service.

Well I guess this is about I know to write for this time. I am enclosing an article about the Blue Devils. Here’s hoping I get another letter before I leave,

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