USS South Dakota (NY), June 21, 1918

New York
June 21, 1918

My Dear Maude,

Yours received and was sure glad to hear from you. I thought you had forgotten me. That is very easy to do in such a busy place as Harvard – so much excitement and so many people.

Say I never did get them pictures or the letter it might drop around later at least. I hope for I have not got a real good picture. You had better get some taken and send me one.

Tell Virgil not to worry about Ruth for I have not got a letter from her since I was home. Too bad, but such is the life of a Sailor. He worries a lot and builds a house on it. But she had no reasons to get angry at me for she did not play fair.

Say has Frank Peterson gone and left Bessie? Too bad Frank is such a dear boy and just married, too. That makes it hard but it is harder on Frank than it is on Bessie, for he will have lots to contend with for, I know. You see I have no one to worry about me. Why should I worry? He’s off to war and may never come back. That’s what they say, isn’t that what you think, dear girl? Now tell me the truth.

How about Lew? Still sticking around I suppose and several other of them birds. I sure think the world of Bill Lawless for what he done. If this country is good enough to live in it is good enough to fight for. But I hope it is over soon.

We sail tomorrow at eleven o’clock. I can’t tell you where for if I did and they found out it would be all off. But you keep writing won’t you and I will do the same. I am goign ashore tonight so good-by.

From your sailor Clark. Ans. Soon.

USS South Dakota
c/o P[ost]M[aster] N.Y.

Remember my address this time and for God’s sake, write. Tell everybody hello, for she may sink this trip.

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