Camp Kearny, California, June 25, 1918

Camp Kearny, California
Medical Dept.
Co. B., Base Hospital

Dear Miss Canfield:

Here’s a little surprise for you, Miss Canfield, and I hope it won’t be annoying to you.

No don’t try to figure out who you know by the name of Larson at Camp Kearny for I’m taking upon myself all responsibility of introduction, and will now proceed to make you acquainted.

It’s like this. One day Mr. Tompson showed me a picture of his wife and you happened to be in the same picture. Well, to tell the truth of it, Miss Canfield, I sure did get stuck on your picture and was telling Tompson what a nice girl you was and how I’d like to correspond with you.

He told me that he thot you’d ans if I’d write. So here I am but I don’t’ want to get Tompson in bad. So if this should prove to disaprrove with your feelings, please lay all the blame on me. Now perhaps it’d be good for one to give you some idea who I am. Well you know my name and to make a long story short will say I am only a lonesome soldier boy and not getting enough mail.

Some of the boys are upstairs playing cards and I don’t know where all the rest of them are. However Tompson is taking a nap. I’m afraid he’ll spoil his night-sleep tho as it is only half an hour till bed time.

I have now been in the Army about 3 mts but don’t’ like this Medical Department at all. Would sooner serve in any other branch but we have no choice so its of little account to crab about it.

Well, Miss Canfield, how’s every thing out your way, weather has been rather hot out here.
I haven’t had any letters this week so can’t figure out what have happened to any correspondents.

There’s nothing looks better to a soldier than a nice long letter, and there’s nothing as disappointing as when an expected lever does not show up.

Well I have no news this time and am afraid all this will prove very uninteresting to you so I will cut short hoping you will ans this in some way or form. Next time I’ll be more explicit if you care to continue corresponding with me.

Well the lights will soon be out so much skiddo.
Hoping to receive an early reply &
Sincerely yours,
Privt. Theodore Larson
Co B. Medical Department.
Base Hospital
Camp Kearny, Calif.

Right. Because I’m sure writing only about boring stuff and yourself has NOTHING to do with getting little mail. Just saying, Private Larson. Just saying.

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