New York, NY, July 16, 1918

New York, NY
July 16, 1918

My dear Maude:

I am back again in the good old USA after twenty-four days at sea. We went to Brest, France. We took seven hundred Red Cross nurses over. They was a sick bunch of girls in packed. I was not much better for I sure got seasick.

I have got those of your letters and was sure glad to get them. Just keep them coming and maybe I can do something for you someday.

We went to North Fork, RI and that is the prettiest place I ever saw. I cannot explain its beauty.

Say, Maude, where is Sylvan at? Is he in the barracks at Brooklyn? And also Dick’s address. I have not heard from him since he left New York.

I spent my fourth on the high seas but we had races on the main deck and a pie eating race. That’s where I shine.

Ask Ruby if she remembers that piece of pie she gave me the day I left? I do and I wish I could get back and a real honest to God Sunday dinner with you or one of them feeds we had at Grange, but that seems like a dream to me.

Has Hugh come home yet? I suppose you are crazy to see him. I don’t wish him any bad luck but I was coming in his place.

Say, I never did get the pictures you send me you had better get some more taken and send me one, will you please?
How about Ben? Has he got to go to war? I suppose Cecile will stay at home. You want to keep her cheered up.

When is Chas Pfaff and Oscar Anderson going to war? I hope Chas has to go, for he is about half German. It will do him good to get out and fight a little.

I sail again the 18th so I won’t hear from you for a while but write me a real letter, you know the thing. I will close for this time for I am going [to] Coney Island tonight so good bye, Maudy.

From your Sailor,
Ans. Soon.
Forget me not.

Each time I transcribe a letter written by someone other than Sylvan, who had pretty good grammar, I pull my hair out. The complete lack of punctuation in the letters, the haphazard spelling, and the spidery handwriting — it’s crazy-making!

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