USS South Dakota, August 5, 1918

USS South Dakota
August 5, 1918

My dearest Maude:

I am out to sea and am lonesome so will write you a line or two. I get so lonesome I don’t know what to do with myself. I sure will be glad when the war is over, how about you? But if I never come back it will suityou, how about it?

Say, Maude dear, I don’t know if you are so different from other girls I have met.

I have changed a whole lot. You would not know me by my looks. I only weigh 128 pounds. Of course I act the same not so lively and full of fun and have quit playing cards only for fun. I don’t suppose you will believe half what I am telling you but it is the truth.

Say Maude, would [you] wear a ring if I sent one? Now tell me [the] truth.

Has Ben gone yet to war? I hope he doesn’t have to go. How is Bessie making out with Frankie gone?

I can’t think any more so will write again at New York.
So goodbye dear.
From your Clark.

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