USS South Dakota (NY), August 15, 1918

New York, NY
August 15, 1918

My Dearest Maude,

Once more I will drop you a line or two but I don’t suppose it’s much use for you won’t have time to answer with Hugh and Jack’s hired man for there is so many places to go. You might go to Coney Island or somewhere else on the beach.

I wish you were here to make liberty with me. How about it? Would you go with me or I suppose you would go home with some other fellow. No I don’t believe you would know for I have changed a whole lot.

Say, where is Ellen now and what is she doing? Who is her best man now? I suppose she is thinking of getting married, is she not?

Gee, I get homesick when I go on liberty and get to bed at 3 o’clock and have to get up at six. I wish I could go to a dance with you. I went to Coney Island the other day and had a pretty good time. I am tired of traveling. I want to get back were the people are not so thick, but I will be back some day and then.

Say, I have not got a letter for a month from you. Now dear girl, you want to get busy.
I made one night’s liberty in Brest, France but did [not] have time to see the town I would like to s[pend] a week there.

I saw Sylvan and had a great old chat with him. I think I will close for this time. Now write me soon.

From your Sailor,
USS South Dakota

Oh, this intrigues me! Clark and Sylvan meet up in New York: Sylvan has already sent Maude a ring, and Clark keeps pestering her about it. Sylvan writes beautiful letters that are both informative and inquisitive about Maude; Clark’s letters are generally that he’s too busy to write. What did they talk about? Is the reason Sylvan’s letters drop off in frequency due to whatever it was he and Clark talked about, or were they lost/destroyed? I wish I knew!

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