USS South Dakota (NY), August 21, 1918

New York, NY
August 21, 1918

My Dearest Maude,

Yours received and was sure glad to hear from you. I sail again tomorrow. Gee we just get in and have to go again. We coaled ship the last two days and I am all in tonight. I am just drop[ping] a line to you dear girl before I leave for you can’t tell I may get out to sea and run up again a sub and it is a long way to swim.

I suppose Hugh is still at home.I sure would like to get back for a week or so. We would have some time, take it from me.

I suppose Dick has gone to sea already. I bet he will feed the fish. I know I did the first trip. When he gets stationed give me his address and I will write to him, for I have not heard form him since he left Seattle.

Say, I will send you that ring the next trip dear. That is, if I get back and I think I will. I am getting sleepy so will close for this time.

From your loving Sailor,
USS South Dakota

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