Brooklyn Naval Yard, August 23, 1918

Naval Yard Brooklyn
August 23, 1918

Dearest Maude,

Well back again and you can believe me I am glad to be walking on something solid again.

We dropped anchor at eight o’clock last nite. We anchored Monday nite in Chesapeake bay and had gun practice Tuesday nearly all day. Then Tuesday nite we went to Hampton Roads, nearly to Norfolk, and anchored. We rigged the ship for coaling after chow [and] worked till nine o’clock. Had to lower the boats and rig coal in the davits [cranes on a ship]. We were rolled out at 4 o’clock Wednesday morning but the lighters [barges] didn’t come alongside til 8 and then the fun began.

I had an easy job. All I had to do was to get down in a lighter and shovel coal. Believe me, I shoveled, too. I wanted to get my picture taken after I got done but didn’t get to. I had a half inch coal dust on me and don’t know if I have it all out of my eyes yet. We worked till 5 o’clock and then knocked off coaling and weighted anchor and set sail for N.Y.

We cleaned the ship up partly on the way. I had to stand gun watch from 8-12 and I was so darned tired that I could hardly stand up. Yesterday we scrubbed the ship from top to bottom. We sure have done a lot of work in the last week. I am back on orderly watch again now so won’t have to work on deck any more.

I think we will go to City Park Barracks about Monday. I hope so because I am pretty sure Clark is there. I couldn’t go down tonight. We don’t get any more liberty till we leave the ship account of a call being liable to come most any time for us. I had five letters on the ship 4 here at the Y. Tonite I had 6 from you. Believe me you don’t know how good I feel when I get your letters. I tell you, dear, you don’t know how good it seems to get a letter till you get to where you can’t get any at all. I won’t try to answer yours tonite dear because I must write some more letters but I will answer them all soon. I will make this short and sweet.

Tonight yours as ever, with love,

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