Brooklyn Naval Yard, August 24, 1918

USS Cleveland
August 24, 1918

My dear Maude,

Well, here it is Sun and I have time to write. I won’t be able to finish this before chow but go on watch after dinner and can finish then. The Old Man is in Boston so we can do about anything we please. He is hardly ever here nites. Well, I guess that we will go to City Park Barracks about tomorrow.  Hope so as I want to see Clark again.

I got your letter all rite enclosing the letter you wrote in June. I knew darn well that I hadn’t been getting all of your letters but I will all rite when they come to the Y.  You must have had some time all rite when you hiked to Grizzle Camp. Wish I had been there, too.

You say you are getting tan as a Mex. Well I guess you will have to go some to beat me. When we were coming back we had to wear like belts without jumpers and my arms got sunburned from my elbows to my shoulders so darn bad I could hardly lay in my hammock.

Well, if you think that Helen [Maude’s middle name] is pretty why I will have to agree of course. The name is all rite but of course I always called you Maude so like that the best.

Say that Swede soldier has his nerve to talk about coming to see you. Bet if I was there no bloomin’ Swede would hang around. Afraid he mite fall in “luf” with you. Ha ha.

You are sure having lots of company all rite. Well that makes it pretty nice. You had a good trip for huckleberries all rite. I remember the time I went up there and heard a panther holler. Gee, I was about scared stiff. Hans Lund is a pretty good old fellow all rite.

Say you write me that you think my kid brother is sore at you and he writes me that he thinks you are sore at him. What in the dickens is the trouble with you two? Guess I’ll have to come out and see that you arbitrate, how about it? Hah.

But say I think you make a slite mistake when you say he and Glen Gilder look like twins. You say you never knew him to do anything bad. Why of course not. Look at the brother he has to set him a good example. Don’t see how he could possibly do anything wrong with such a good example to follow, do you?

Yes, I’ll drop Emma a few lines if you want me to but I’ll have to wait until I get all of my letters answered.

Well, I reckon you are glad to have a new garage. I remember when your dad built the other one. He took a tumble and hurt his back, do you remember?

So Earl has a REO, eh? Well, if he is as much of a nut as they say you better watch out that he doesn’t ditch you. Now take someone like me, for instance, it’s perfectly all rite to speed because I know darn well I can hold it between the fences at least. I never think about how fast I am going when I am driving or when I am am with someone I know can drive but I have ridden fast with some nuts driving that I would just as soon go slower with. But I guess I’ve got no grounds to talk. I used to be considered a nut when I was driving a car, myself.

I am awfully sorry dear that you had such a bad headache when you wrote but of course you don’t need sympathy now. Bet if I had of been there I could have cured it. I am the best headache doctor you ever saw. Except when I got one myself. I had one for two days at sea and could hardly see.

Guess you’ll have to wait and let me finish that dress after all. I bet I can sew it all rite. I had to cut off 4 inches from each leg of a new pair of white trousers and hem them up for inspection yesterday.

I bet you are glad to get done with bailing all rite so you won’t have to do so much cooking. I should be there to drive bailer team again. Never again for me. If I work on a bailer again it will be on some other job than driving team.

Well you may wish that you were a boy but you can tell the world that I don’t. Also I have to disagree with you when you say that girls aren’t good for anything. I know at least one girl that I consider good for a whole lot and you know very well who I mean.

I sure am crazy to hear the song that you girls composed. What is the tune of it or did you compose that, too?

Ellen must have some new fellow. Clarence Clauson, eh? Sure sounds Swede enuf. I reckon old lady Johnson wants him to marry her.

Well I am glad that Rollo is going to Pullman to school. I know it will be pretty lonesome for the folks this winter but he should get all the education he can. There aren’t’ many boys around there now are there? Oh, well the war can’t last forever and there will be more boys around there then. I know one that is figuring on heading that way, you bet.

There sure is a lot of shipping in the harbor now. I am sitting in front of a gun port where I can look out across the harbor and there are ships going in all directions.

It seems to me all I do is scrub clothes. I scrubbed a lot yesterday and have to scrub a white suit again today.

You remember me telling you about that Spanish tanker blowing up? She is still burning. Been burning about 7 weeks. I guess just a little oil escaped at a time and it keeps burning.

Well my dear, I guess I must close for this time and get ready to scrub clothes so all for now.

Yours as ever,

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