Camp Kearny, California, August 29, 1918

Medical Department
Base Hospital
August 29, 1918

Lo Maude —

Would you believe it, I really rec’d a letter from Miss Maude Canfield today.
That is, I’m quite sure I rec’d it, because I’ve rubbed my eyes and pinched myself till I’m quite sure I’m awake. Ha! Ha!

No sweetheart to be quite frank, I did not receive your letter which you say you wrote. Now when you say you wrote it? I know you did, but I know very well that I was not a-receipt end of that letter. But I think I have the whole situation in a nutshell.

You see, there are several by the name of Larson, here, and it’s a safe bet that some one got it.

Well, I’d a-liked to seen him get it and then open it and read it and then not be man enough to give it to its rightful owner.

I hate to tell you what I’d a-done. You asked me to answer your letter right away, dear, and here I am first through reading yours and enjoyed it immensely so do write often, would you, honey?

To be sure, I got your picture to, but Oh-O-O-O, how am I to know whether it’s you or your brother. If you dress like that all the time, you’ll never see an honest to God man again as long as you live. Speaking for myself and I think a whole lot more, that is one thing a man doesn’t like to see, a woman dressed in, and that is, in “man’s clothes.”

Now kiddo, please send me a picture of your sweet you dressed in anything but man’s clothes, won’t you dear?

Well, changing the subject a bit, you can say we are having some really hot weather out here now, also had a shower the other day.

I am still working at the same old job but haven’t fallen in love with it yet. Neither have I heard anything about our possibility of going across soon and it makes me feel kinda blue.

I made it a point to ans all letters rec’d the same day they arrive if possible so if you don’t hear from me at the expected time, don’t wait till next year before answering. Sure have a nice place here now for writing letters as the new YMCA is finished and it’s a nice place.

Am writing with music so don’t blame me if I call you dear or dearie, music makes love, you know.

Well, honeybunch, as I can not think of anything but love with this music, so sweet, ringing in my ears, and fearing you would not want me to write love letters to you, I guess

I’ll call a halt and continue this in our next.

Bye bye, darling, and for heavens sake do as I did answer soon.
As ever yours,

I have never wanted to go back in time and punch someone in the nuts until I transcribed this letter. Contrast this to Sylvan’s letter where he talks about girls looking cute in boys’ clothes. No wonder Sylvan dissed Larson (I’m guessing that’s who he’s talking about as “that Swede soldier“); I just wish I knew what Maude had written him!

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