Hermosa, SD, September 3, 1918

Hermosa, SD
Sept. 3, 1918

Dearest Maude,

I rec’d your letter August 16 and was sure surprised to hear from you.

I see you were surprised to hear from me. Well, I was just as surprised to hear from you because I thought that you would never answer a letter of mine when I had delayed so long in writing.

I don’t believe Harvard will ever amount to anything if it hasn’t gotten livelier since I left.

What kind of Army service has Clark joined when he is traveling so much? I would like to be with Dick G on the Sub chasers. Where have Emery and Frank been as they [are] returning to Harvard.

I see you heard from Marvel. Well I am glad he likes it, then it isn’t so hard to stay.

I see by your letter Ellen is in Harvard again. Well I sent her a letter and she never ans. She must of never got it or she has forgotten me. But I should worry, there are a large number of girls in SD & Idaho besides her.

[We] were going to thrash today but it rained so we are laid off so I thought this would be a good time to write to a dear old Friend.

What are the people around Harvard doing this time of the year?

Well today school starts and I wished I was going, too. I am thinking of going to Rapid City and go to High School. They have a good one there. You better come and go along. I suppose you are through high school by now.

I got some pictures taken in my wild western riding habit the other day on my favorite horse and will send you one if they are good.

This place is sure dead. Nothing doing and fourteen miles to the nearest town. But us young fellows get together and have a dance every three weeks but that is a long time between good times.

Well Maude I must close my rooster scratching for this time. Hoping to hear from you soon. Will send you that photo in the next letter if they are good. Tell all Hello.

Yours as ever,
Elmer Thompson

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