Garfield, WA, September 10, 1918

Chamber of Commerce
Garfield, Washington
September 10, 1918

Dear Maude:

Was tickled pink to hear from you again and glad to know you are still kicking.

I suppose you are having a grand and glorious ? time attending school again — or are you going this year? School started here Monday and yours truly is glad she is not on the list. I hated to see school start because Margaret has to stay home almost every evening during the week. We have been together so much this summer, I’ll feel like a lost dog now. She stops at the office most every day after school, but I’m generally so busy we can’t gossip much.

Went to Pullman Sunday and had a dickens of a time. We stopped at Palouse and went to the show in the evening. Palouse is some city, I don’t think. I want going to go to the show there Thursday nite as I imagine it will be good.

Had a chance to go to the Spokane Fair, but couldn’t get away. We have been busier than a cat on a tin roof the past week. Oh! Such is life! I saw Mr. and Mrs. Daily and Jim C in town Friday.

I’ve got the sorest jaw you ever did see. Will be glad when that blamed dentist gets through with my teeth. Was down Friday eve and have been in misery ever since. Am having my work done at Elberton. There is a good dentist there.

I’ve got a I.L. for you, too, old “smarty cat” — Lucy Hughes said she met you while at Harvard and thought you were a dandy kid – so there! Lucy was in Garfield a week ago Sunday. She used to live here as no doubt she told you.

My Pal is down to Colfax today being examined and if he passes alright as no doubt he surely will, he will probably be called very soon, and then I’ll be a “merry widow” — booh-hoo!

What is the latest excitement in Harvard? Have you had any dances there lately? There isn’t anything going on here now. I suppose there will be a few High School parties later on. There are some cute new teachers here, this year, but I don’t suppose you’re interested, being you’re not a boy – eh?

I am embroidering the prettiest chemise for myself. When I get it finished I’ll have my picture and send you one. I am afraid it will shock you. I have the darnedest picture you ver saw taken while I was up there this summer.

Well, pood-let, I must get busy at something worthwhile (get that?) so will have to kiss you good-bye for now.

I would ask that Earl and Hugh please stay home the next time you want to write to me cause I don’t like to wait a whole month for a letter from you.


The occasional letters from girlfriends are interesting. Since I have none of Maude’s letters, I wonder if this is the same sort of tone she took in hers.

The letter is written on Garfield, Washington Chamber of Commerce typing paper.

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