Harvard, Idaho, September 11, 1918

Harvard, Idaho
Sept. 11, 1918

Dear Maud[e],

I received your letter a few days ago. You said to answer it by return mail.  I’m sure that I would have done so, but listen, I’ve been awful busy.

So don’t get peeved. I helped your father thrash and have been helping Jack.

Went to the show twice Saturday and Monday night and hauled timber last night, so you know I’ve been busy.

I know that you’ve been busy.

We got the pictures and you are the only one that can take a good picture. I will send them to you. I know that you want to see how they look. Some of them weren’t very good. We only got part of them. We will have to have some more taken when you get back.

When are you coming back? You don’t know how we miss you. I wanted to send this up on the noon train but I didn’t get up in time. I’ve got to work tonight so I think I’ll go back to bed. You know I’m always sleepy.

I don’t know whether you can read my writing or not. I don’t believe I could make it out after it gets cold.

I am too nervous to write today but couldn’t put this off any longer.

Well I think by the time you make this out, you will be ready to rest for a while. So I will ring off for now.

Hope you will like the pictures. You needn’t wait as long to answer as I did. Get me?

Well, don’t work too hard. Tell them hello.

Your F,

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