France, September 16, 1918 (“I am writing this letter on my hat”)

September 16, 1918

Miss Maude Canfield
Harvard, Idaho

Dear Maude,

I received your letter the other day and was sure glad to hear from you and to hear that you have been having a good time and all of you are well for this leave me fine and dandy at the present time.

Well, Maude, we have been running around here for the last two months and have been having a pretty interesting time and it is sure good sport. I will tell you all about it when I get to the States.

You say in your letter that your sister was working in the garden and you cannot drive a team. Well, Maude, when I get back in Harvard I will learn you how.

I am glad to hear that you are knitting for the Red Cross for they are sure doing good things over here for all of the soldiers. When you send the sweater to the Red Cross you want to put your name on it and I might be lucky enough to get it and I would sure like to get a sweater made by you, Maude.

I got a letter a week ago from my brother Harold and he say that he was going with your little sister. He sure must be some boy for that was the way with me when I was his age. I was having a new girl every day but I am out of luck now. Ha ha.

I am glad to hear that you had a good time when you was out camping this summer. I would sure like to been with you so I could have a good time for I have not found any girls here in France that could talk English and I cannot get onto their lingo myself. But I sure would like to talk French for there are lost of pretty girls over here and I bet a feller sure could have a good time.

Maude, are the boys that was in Harvard when you wrote me your last letter are going to enlist in the Canadian Army? Did they live in Harvard, Idaho when I was up to see my father? Well they sure will see a lot more over here in France & England than they will see in States & Canada but I like it a lot better over there than here.

Well I guess I will close for this time hoping that this letter will find you well. Be sure to write me soon, Maude, for I like to hear from you. I have received all your letters but one so that is not too bad for the way it has gone but I am sorr[y] that I did not get.

Yours as ever,
Bill Gunton

Pvt A. W. Gunton
Reg. #2137633 1. Platoon
A Company, 29th Battan

PS: Excuse my bad writing for this time, Maude, for I am writing this letter on my hat. Ha Ha.

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