New York City, September 26, 1918

New York City
Sept. 26, 1918

My Dearest Maudy —

I received five letters from you last night and was sure glad to get them. Some of them were wrote in June but they was welcome for I sure like to hear from my dear girl. You see I don’t have much time to write for we are only in port four or five days at a time and there is lots of work to do in that. Write whenever you can. I am on watch at present and writing on my knee and it is hard work.

What did Hugh try to get in to, the Army or Navy? I doubt it made him mad.

I had to knock off and go take a message down to the Captain. I get to write about a minute at a time and am in a hurry.

I got a letter from Dick last night and he is fine and dandy.

I do not suppose you will here from me for a long time for I am leaving for about six months in France but I will write when I get there and when I come back I will try and come and see you. You talk about you would like to see me. How about I would give a whole lot to see you. I would jump for four or five days to get a chance to see you.

Who is teaching school in Harvard this year?

Say, you tell Ruby I fell for her and her tooth. Tell her Hugh might help it but  I believe Dick is the best for he has lots of instruction on first aid.

I must close for this time.
From your loving Clark.

P.S. Send my mail to the Navy YMCA 167 Sand St. Brooklyn for I don’t know my address.
Ans soon.

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