Brooklyn Naval Yard, October 1, 1918

Brooklyn, NY
October 1, 1918

My dearest Maude,

Yours recd this evening and here goes for an answer rite away. Pretty good for me, eh?

You must be having the same cold weather that we are having. We are sure getting enuf. It is clear but cold. At nites on watch, I nearly freeze. I see where my B.U.H.’s  come off when we go to sea. I had to stand watch at the brig Sun. nite 8-12 and Mon morning 8-12. They had some pretty bad prisoners and as there are no bars we stood with automatic pistols loaded and ready to get instantly. I had the flap on my holster back and I sure would have plugged any lad that tried coming thru that door. If a prisoner escapes we who are on guard have to serve his time out so you can see I was taking no chances.

We took them out for exercise and chow the next day and I walked with one hand on my gun all the time. Nearly froze, too, standing out there because it wasn’t very cold at 8 and I didn’t take my coat.

Our chief came back from his furlough this morning and he says he will soon get us a ship and then off for France or some other country.

Well dear, I am glad that you decided to forgive me for not coming home on my furlough and believe me I will be willing to risk “getting mine” when I get a chance to come see you.

Rollo sure must have had some job herding turkey in the rain. I don’t know what’s the matter with the little nut, he never writes to me any more. The folks say there is another Rollo Moore formerly of Pullman now in Camp in NY. Maybe he is getting the letters I write to the kid.

No doubt I would think Fern a doll if I should see her. It’s no question to me where she gets her looks, why from her aunt, of course. I pity any more little kid that ever has me for an uncle and expects to get any looks from me.

I think you look pretty good in that picture, tho a trifle peeved but I would much rather it had been me standing with you instead of Hugh. I bet I would have made you smile.

You say it must be nice to be popular. Well I bet if I were around there, I would show you just how nice it really is to be really popular with.

Yes, that is Ord Hamilton with me in that picture and he sure is a good skate, too. He is going to be married the third of this month. I wish I had a dollar for every hundred miles I have rode around with him. I would have enuf to have a lot of fun on, all rite.

I am buying a Liberty Bond. I will have #12.50 a month kept out of my wages for four months. I thot I should do all I could to help win this war.

I have my album about all fixed up now. I guess you know whose pictures are in it mostly. Yours of course. I may send it home for the folks to keep before I start out as there is always a chance of course of being sunk and losing your stuff.

That sure must have been a darned kid in Bovill that looked like me.

What do you want me to send you from France? One of these days you will be getting a letter postmarked France. Any way, I hope so. Well as usual my darned pen went dry so will have to finish with a common pen.

I thot Hugh Queener was going to enlist. Why didn’t he? Do you know its a year the 26th this month since I enlisted, or rather as we say, “shipped into the outfit.” So one fourth of my time is done whether the war ends or not but I don’t believe there will be any war in a year from now, do you?

Well, dear, I can’t think of much to write. It seems like things are just the same here. I sure will be glad when I see the Statute of Liberty getting small, away off but I know I will be a lot gladder to see it coming back. Any way, I know I was last time. A fellow likes to make tirps but the old U.S.A. Is a might good place to come back to, all rite.

Well, I guess I will have to call this a job for now. Here’s loping to hear from you again soon.

As ever yours with lots of love,

There is a jazz band playing up in the auditorium. Make me wish you were here and we could shake our feet a little.

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