Camp Kearny, California, October 8, 1918

Camp Kearny, California
October 8, 1918

Hello Maude –

Your sweet letter recd a few days ago and I will now ans some.

Pardon me, dearie, for not doing so at an earlier date as I have not been feeling very good. Sure enjoyed your letter and will try and answer them sooner after this.

You ask me for my picture, you shall have it, but I hope you will recover from the shock in due time to ans my letter at an early date. So now if I do not get an early reply I shall take it for granted that you was disappointed with it.

Remember I’m just crazy to get another one from you, but don’t suppose I’ll ever get it now after sending mine.

Well how’s weather out there. Kinda chilly here now and trying hard to rain.

Yesterday I was on a pass but did not have a good time. Couldn’t even go to a show on account of this influenza. Stayed an hour and a half over time, so may get restricted to quarters for a couple of weeks. Gee whiz, I do not know what to write about. News is scarce out here now.

By the way, what do you think of this peace we hear about in the papers?Wouldn’t it be great if peace were declared pretty soon? Guess we’re in here for about six months after the war is ended so you can reckon how we do look for the end. I don’t think this peace is going to amount to much? And really I do not figure on getting out of the Army for another year.

Gee, I hope I’m badly mistaken, however.

Well, I guess some more of the boys here will be going across before long, tho. They may never see active service. Hope I’m one of them, as I sure would like to move from Camp Kearny.

See you are enjoying some hot weather out there. Not so here, nice and cool, and trying hard to rain. Thanks for sending me those names. I will write to them. This Alice Bingham I am writing to her now.

Skip this.
Well I will send you a picture but I hope you will recover…

Guess its about time I quit as I’m starting to write the same thing again. Well, really I got to be doing something, the boys want candy and tobacco, so guess it’s up to me to make a canteen trip.

Will try and do better next time and now I’m going to quit.

As Ever Yours,
Theodore Larson
Please ans soon.

Poor Private Larson. I mean, I go from wanting to punch him in the nuts to feeling sorry for him; he’s not even a good liar. Flu? Can’t enjoy a show…but stayed out past curfew? Really! But since Sylvan wasn’t writing many letters during this time (or if so, they haven’t survived), I suppose she was willing to write him all the same.

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