France, October 21, 1918

October 21, 1918

Miss Maude Canfield
Harvard, Idaho

Dear Maude,
Will drop you a few lines to let you know that things are going fine and dandy over here and this letter will find you well for this [time] leave me fine and dandy at the present time.

Well, Maude, I guess you are having a good time there now and it will soon be winter and there a feller can have some sport. It is getting to be like winter over here but it is not very cool yet but it sure is muddy around here but I hope that it will turn warm again and dry the road up.

I have not rec your last letter yet Maude but I sure am looking for it everyday so I thought I would drop you a few lines to pass the time away, but sure would like to be there to pass it away with you for it is pretty lonesome here. All a feller can see is soldiers but I guess we will be moving in to some town where there is some French people until it is time for us to get after the Huns again. Ha! Ha!

It is sure some war. I got a letter from my old chum and he is at camp lewis and I guess he will be over here soon and I will be sure glad to see him. Well, Maude, I guess I will ring off for this time and hoping to rec your letter soon and I will drop you a few more lines so good bye and good luck.

With love, from Bill
Yours as ever.
Pvt. A.W. Gunton
#1 Platoon A. Co.
29th Battalion

Write soon, Miss Canfield
From Bill Gunton

Believe it or not, I actually toned down the run-on sentences and repetition in this letter. Really.

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