Brooklyn, October 25, 1918 – “Maybe the war is going to be over one of these days. I hope so but I guess not till spring. “

Brooklyn Naval Yard
October 25, 1918

My dearest Maude,

Well I am writing this evening as I have lots of leisure time. We got a restriction for two weeks because an officer caught three fellows asleep in their bunks when they should have been studying. So he said, “Well, Guard 92 can just stay aboard for two weeks.” That’s the number of our guard.

This is only the second nite and I feel lost. Part of the bunch went to moving pictures in the mess hall but I have seen the picture so it don’t interest me much. I expect I have a letter from you at the Y. I will jump ship tomorrow and go see. I will jump ship anyway before I say in here two weeks. All we got restricted for was such a little thing that I don’t intend to stay in here for two weeks. Last nite one fellow jumped ship and another one got caught trying. They put him in the brig but let him out this morning.

I don’t think we will be here any way in two weeks. They tell us in the office that we will get either the next or second ship out. Believe me, I can’t get out of here too soon to suit me. I don’t do enuf to keep me from getting lazy. We did quite a bit of exercise this morning. We marched up to Fort Green Park, drilled quite a while, then boxed three rounds. Then had physical exercise, two games with basketballs and a game of “sacks” played with a football. Then some more drill and marched back. Not so bad, eh?

Then this afternoon we cleaned up the barracks for tomorrow’s inspection. So we did quite a bit today. I sure hate to think of laying around here Sat and Sun.
I have too much sleep already. I am not used to sleeping so much and turning in at 7 and getting up at 6 is too much. That’s what I have been doing the last two nites.

Maybe the war is going to be over one of these days. I hope so but I guess not till spring.

We had some time in here this evening. We had a half dozen boxing rounds and then put a good jazz tune on the Victrola and all had a dance. We sure are some bunch of dancers in here. But I would about 1000 times rather one-step with you than anybody I know of. I guess we can show them how to one-step, can’t we?

I came nearly losing my hammock lashing today. I just scrubbed it yesterday and it was not quite dry. I came in and a fellow was just lashing his hammock with it. I jumped him and he said, “Well, someone took mine and I had to have one.” I persuaded him that he didn’t’ want mine tho in pretty short order.

Well, I reckon you still have a hop in Harvard once in a while, don’t you? Henderson still comes, eh? Well, if I were you I wouldn’t let him take me home either. He is the one that wanted to know so much about me, eh? Well when he wants to know any more just tell him we are going to be married my next furlow or anything like that and he can come and talk to me then. I sure wish you could drop in and visit me next Sun. Lots of girls come to see the fellows Sundays.

Well, I hope I can soon buy you a souvenir in France or some other foreign country. I want to send this by a kid so I will ring off for now, here’s hoping I hear from you tomorrow.

As ever yours with oceans of love,

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