Brooklyn Naval Yard, October 28, 1918 – “You make money slow in the Navy.”

Brooklyn, NY
October 26, 1918

My Dearest Maude,

I am back in Brooklyn come back yesterday and will til about the 20th of November and then eighteen months in France.

I seen Sylvan this morning but did not get a chance to talk to him.

I am sure glad to get off the S[outh] D[akota]. She sure is a madhouse. I never put five months of my life like them.

Say, Maude, I will try and send that ring by Xmas. I have got $70 toward it already. You make money slow in the navy and I don’t want to draw any out of the bank. Will that be all right? If not tell me, dear, and I will send it. Now don’t be afraid to say no.

I and my pal was out of New York about 40 miles last night. A lady took us out in her car. Some time, believe me. Of course I was kinda in the road being the third one but they said I had to go along. Gee I wish you were there. It would have been much nicer.

Well, I must close for this time.
From your loving Clark.

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