Tampico, Mexico, November 14, 1918

Tampico, Mexico
November 14, 1918

My dearest Maude,

Well, here we are, anchored in the harbor of Tampico and from what I can see of it I would just as soon be somewhere else. It sure don’t look like very much, but oil wells and tanks down here, but I guess we are about 10 miles from the real town.

Well, at last the war is over. It hardly seems possible. I may get my walking papers in about 6 months. I expect to be on here 4 or 5 months yet but don’t know for sure. I doubt if this ever reaches you but it mite, so I am taking the chance. We only get fuel oil here and tomorrow go about 60 miles down the coast to Tuxpan for our cargo. Then as far as we know now we leave for Chile.

We sure have had a fine trip down. Been pretty hot for the last couple of days and I have a nice case of sunburn but we are getting used to it now.

I guess it is getting pretty chilly up there now. I hope I don’t go north till spring now that I am where it is warm.

We went close by the coast of Florida for one day and it sure is pretty. Saw Palm Beach. It must be some joint by the looks of it.

Well, I guess Clark won’t get a ship now unless he gets set to a battleship. I may have to go on a battleship, but I don’t know for sure.

There is about 5 monitors in the harbor now and when we came by they said “no liberty for any Armed Guards in any Mexican port.” But I am going to try to get ashore anyway. I am pretty sure we can get ashore in Tuxpan anyway.

We saw a lot of flying fish and porpoise on the way down and some sharks but no whales. I think there are whales around here but we saw none.

We have been standing regular watches, 4 on and 8 off but from now on I guess we  will not have to stand watch so regular. I will write you a long letter from Panama. I don’t think it’s much use to write much now because I doubt if this ever gets out of Mex.

We were working pretty steady on the gun all the way down. It was an old one and we had to work on it pretty hard to get it in shape but we fired two shots the other day to try it out and it works fine now.

Well, I will close for now and write again soon.

I am as ever yours with love,

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