SS-SV Harkness, Nov 23-26, 1918

SS-SV Harkness
November 23, 1918

Well I guess I will make a few more remarks. It is getting pretty hot again now but I am sitting rite under a ventilator so don’t mind it. Last Tue we got a SOS from the Princeton, another Standard Oil tanker. She was out of fuel oil and we had to lay at anchor a nite and half a day to give her some. That delayed us. We would have reached Panama tomorrow but now we won’t get there till Mon nite. It is sure ideal weather tho. Warm but comfortable in the breeze, a smooth sea, the ship hardly rolls a bit. And so clear that you can see a long ways. We have passed a lot of fishing smacks, little two masted sailing vessels.

We are in the Caribbean Sea now. We passed quite close to Yucatan when we came through the Yucatan Channel.

For a chance I did a half days work yesterday, helped clean up our armory. We had a lot of work to do on the gun too this morning. We had to take it all off with emery cloth and it sure was some job.

Well, we will soon know if we go off at Panama or finish the trip. I hope we finish teh trip altho if we do we will be over a month with no chance to write or hear a bit of news. But it will be a nice trip tho.

Well can’t think of much to write so guess I will wait til we get to Panama to finish this.

Tue. 26

Well we are just about halfway thru the Canal now. We passed Gatun Locks about 9 o’clock. I guess that we will soon be to Culebra Cut. I never saw such a beautiful country as this. Dense green trees everywhere. I saw lots of oranges growing wild along the banks. We just got out of Gatun Lake. We have seen lots of natives paddling around with canoe loads of green bananas. I bot some big ripe bananas for 25 cents a dozen. Sure were fine ones, too. Wish I could send you a bunch by wireless. I guess that we won’t be taken off at Balboa. We haven’t heard anything about it, anyway.

We didn’t get a chance to land in Colon. Hope we do in Balboa. The locks at Gatun sure are wonderful. They raise you 85 feet in three locks. We just now passed a soldier post away up on the banks. They all seem friendly enuf. Lots of white people along, too.

I guess we can send letters ashore by the pilot if we don’t get ashore ourselves.

Well I guess I will quit for now. If we can go ashore I will write more if not will try and write from Pisagua, Chile.

Yours with oceans of love,

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